10 churches to celebrate Easter in Nicosia

If you are looking to enjoy a unique Easter experience in the winding streets of Nicosia’s old town, than head to these ten churches during Holy Week.

The old town has a number of churches, which each decorate an Epitafios, as well as their buildings to celebrate the resurrection of Christ on Easter.

On Good Friday, you will want to head to the small church of Ayios Eleftherios on Onosagorou Street, where you can follow the service of the Epitafios.  In 2006 the church celebrated its 200th anniversary.

There are other options as well for the Friday night service, with the most spectacular Epitafios marches taking place at the cathedral of Ayios Ioannis at the Archidiocese, and at Panayia Faneromeni.  The other smaller churches, dotted around the old town, are also decorated for Easter, including Ayios Antonios, Panayia Chrysaliniotissa, and Ayios Kassianos on the Green Line.

You will also find the church of Arhcangel Michael Trypiotis and the church of Ayios Savvas, which are known for their services on Thursday and Friday.

On Holy Saturday head to the church of Faneromeni or Kasteliotissa for the morning service, which celebrates the first resurrection.  In the night you can head to Ayios Ioannis for the midnight service.

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