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Ayii Anargyri Natural Healing Spa Resort

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PO Box 8, Miliou 8726, Paphos +357 26 814000


Soothe your soul, brush all your cares aside, and relax at the Ayii Anargyri Natural Healing Spa Resort in the quaint village of Miliou in the Paphos district.  Nestled in a quiet forest off the Paphos-Akamas road, it is the perfect place to get away and reconnect with yourself.

From natural springs, waters enriched with sulphur bubble up and provide the spas rooms with the healing ingredient used in its treatments.  The springs have existed for ages, while a church dedicated to the saints of healing Cosmas and Damianos in 1649, has been restored on the sight, after centuries of conquest.  History says that they were healers and were travelling in the Middle East, Greece and Cyprus, healing people using the Sulphur water of the area.  The church was destroyed in 1821 by the Ottoman conquest

From 1860 to 1870 part of the building, most likely the church, was used as school with Teacher the priest who was serving the church.

The best-kept artefacts are: The stone inscriptions on the rooms opposite the church, advert from old advertisement on newspaper of 1918, old check out bill of a customer from the 16th of September 1935 who stayed 14 nights and paid GBP 3.16.

After many years of planning, the concept of the Natural Healing Spa took shape. The historical building, was restored carefully and sensitively to recapture their original character and the same style is mirrored in the new Spa and bungalows that were added. The complex is now a Healing Spa Resort operating since June 2009 with 56 accommodation rooms, Reception lounge area, Indoor Old Bar with Fire place, Cava with wine collection and available for dinner, Indoor and outdoor Restaurant, Pool Bar, conference room, outdoor pool, and 22 treatments rooms at a 3 level building.

Natural Spring Lounge

This area is located on the ground floor level of the spa, and it is dedicated to the various water treatments using the sulphur water. Listed below are some of the treatments preformed in our 9 rooms that are part of the Natural Spring Lounge. Manicure and pedicure is also done on this level. The relaxation room looks onto orange orchards and mountains that truly relax the soul.

Sulphur Spring Pools

Our unique spring – fed pools feature three hydro pools, two with jet massage featuring specifically designed areas for the entire body to release tension and soothe and the third with invigorating foot jets, and counter current massage stream. Bathing in our sulphur pools will help to alleviate rheumatic and arthritic pains, improve skin regeneration, joint mobility and blood circulation bringing about a sense of wellbeing.

Mineral Hydrotherapy Bath Room

Relax and allow tension to melt away, as you soak up the minerals of this therapeutic sulphur water bath, incorporating underwater jets that work their way over specific areas of the body, massaging and easing pain, so you feel recharged and relaxed.

Sulphur Mud Bath Therapy Room

The therapist uses underwater massage to target the lymphatic system and specific areas of the body with gentle or deep pressure massage to ease your body into a state of balance and harmony. To further enhance the benefits, the treatment is completed with a hydrotherapy mud soak to detoxify, revitalize and alleviate rheumatic illnesses and dermatological skin conditions.

Vichy Rain Shower Room

As you lay comfortably shower heads from above provide a warm tropical rain like mist over the body.

Sulphur Jet Room

This invigorating sulphur water jet shower allows for an in-depth massage which decongests areas with cellulite, eases tension very effective for muscle spasms and aches. Excellent for improving your circulation and banishing tiredness.

Thalaxion Circulation Booster Capsule Room

A special capsule for the lower body offering alternating hot and cold hydro massage and lymphatic drainage. Helps to improve circulation, relieve fluid retention and combat cellulite areas improving its appearance. An ideal treatment for general circulation, cellulite and tired heavy legs. For dual benefits combine with a body treatment of your choice

Arthritis Therapy Room

Pedidaix Legs Relief

Relieve the feeling of tired heavy legs with hydro jets and steam, alternating hot and cold sulphur water help to improve circulation and ease aches giving your legs a light and revitalized feeling.

Bertholaix Back Ease

A soothing treatment for the back, neck and shoulders with hydrotherapy steam to help ease aches and pains, or to prepare the area for further treatment add to your massage therapy.

Etuve Hands & Feet Care

Ease out tensions with the aid of herbal steam and warm water. It is ideal for tired hands and aching feet.

Thermal Mud for Hands

The hands and wrists are immersed in a warm sulphur mud for the relief of pain related to arthritis and joint problems, to improve joint mobility and ease aches.

Manicure and Pedicure treatments also take place on this floor.

Thermal Experience Suite

Located on the ground level near the pools dedicated to heat treatments

Herbal Steam Room

Awaken you senses with steam infused with herbs.

Bio Rustic Sauna

A harmonious mixture of old fashioned charm and modern design .

Rasul Ritual Room

A cleansing ritual that combines the health enhancing properties of heat, aroma infused steam and mud for a totally relaxing and skin conditioning treatment in a sensory private steam temple under a 1000 stars. Apply different  mud’s to  the body (to cleanse, absorb toxins and exfoliate), whilst  steam keep the air warm and moist, a gentle shower washes the mud away. Finally a body cream or oil is applied to rehydrate your purified bodies.

Experience shower Area

Experience Showers, Unique invigorating and refreshing multi-sensory showers, with lights, different temperature and pressure water and aromatic mist.

Beauty & Serenity Lounge

The floor above the Natural Spring Lounge is dedicated to relaxation, beauty therapy, and a welcome return from worldly stress to tranquility. Therapists help restore body and mind. The treatment menu invites you to escape for a time in order to rediscover yourself .This floor has 9 therapy rooms for massage , wraps ,facials and a private Yoga / Shiatsu Room . Two of the rooms also contain baths. One a hydrotherapy bath with colour therapy and the other the le siesta bath (which is described below)

Le Sieste Experience

Le Sieste Float Therapy

A sensory enlightening flotation with relaxing, stimulating music, aroma scented atmosphere and colour therapy.

There is also an outside terrace that can be used for yoga, weather permitting.


The lower ground level is dedicated to toning muscle and improves cardio-vascular function. The latest equipment ensures each muscle group is exercised without strain.  This result is a workout that is often easier than imagined but which achieves maximum effect.

 VIP rooms

We have two VIP rooms , one single and the other double which is ideal for couple treatments. The treatments below are preformed in this area

Sulphur Mud Cocoon

A relaxing experience, whereby warmed mud is applied to the body and you wrapped in a heated cocoon. The mud possesses detoxifying and revitalizing properties, leaving the body and skin feeling refreshed, cleansed and invigorated. It is ideal for alleviating rheumatic illnesses and post-traumatic stress.

Sulphur Mud Soak

The warm soothing sulphur water and mud opens the skins pores allowing the active ingredients to gently exfoliate and treat the skin leaving it cleansed and soft to touch. Other effects include improved blood circulation and a sense of overall well-being. A spa experience that refreshes and revitalises the mind and body.

Sulphur Mud Cocoon and Soak

A combined treatment of the sulphur mud cocoon and sulphur soak for dual benefits. Warmed mud is applied to the body you wrapped in a heated cocoon and then into a warm soothing sulphur bath to soak and cleanse.

Our hairdressing salon is also located on this level.



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