Changes are coming to Limassol in 2019

Limassol has seen a great amount of development in the last few years, and there are more changes set to come to the city in 2019, which will enrich the cultural scene in the area and make it an ideal place for visitors.

Changes to the downtown area

Many changes worth millions of euro have been planned by the municipality, as the funds were secured from the European Union.  They are set to breathe new life to the centre of the city, and bring a new air of culture to Limassol.  The multifunctional seaside park, Molos, will be extended eastwards, the linear park Garyllis (Grammiko) is set to also be extended, and the Pattihio Municipal Theatre is set to receive a new addition.

New Municipal Market in Limassol

The new municipal market will feature traditional shops, restaurants, offices, a children’s play area, and an events’ space.  The project is currently in the licencing phase.  The initial designs have been drawn up, and the goal is to begin work on the project as soon as possible, so that the market can be ready to open its doors in Christmas 2019.

Extension of the Grammiko Park

The Grammiko Park will be connected with the sea near Pallados, Dimokratias, and Alexandrias Streets.  The project includes improvements to the three streets.  The goal is for the redesign of the street to create and more sustainable society and the design will include: the creation of a bike route, improvements to the rain water drainage system, widening of sidewalks, planting, and lighting improvements.  The project is expected to take about two years and cost approximately €3.5 million.

Ypsonas Municipality creating a web platform

Ypsonas municipality, which is located to the west of the city, is in the process of creating a web platform for its residents.  The public will be able to see the services of the municipality in real time.  The platform ‘LiveYpsonas’ will show in real time the collection of bins, the landscaping works being done, and the amount of parking space available in the municipality, as well as, the location of public buses.

Cyprus University of Technology (Tepak) is gaining a farm in Lofou

The university will obtain a farm in the village of Lofou, which will be part of the School of Geotechnical Sciences, and will be a valuable tool for studying nature.  Research activities, and experiments are set to be carried out at the farm.  The space will be utilised for tree and vineyard cultivation.

New Stage at the Pattihio Municipal Theatre

The municipal theatre will be creating a new stage that will seat only 100 people, for more intimate artist and audience interaction.  The goal is to host smaller performances that will allow the audience to interact with the artist after the performance.

Tepak’s School of Art to receive extension

The School of Art at Tepak will be receiving a second larger building, which will house space for video animation, photography, digital photography, and sound editing.  The university is also looking to acquire a third building to house a gallery area.  The School of Art seeks to promote the Mediterranean as a crossroads between Europe and the Middle East.

In Limassol’s villages

Some of the works coming to the area will be constructed in the villages of Limassol.  The construction of a Traditional Museum in Kato Mylos is planned, and is expected to cost approximately €150,000.  The village of Agros started construction of a multipurpose educational and entertainment centre in 2018, and work is expected to be finished in October 2019.  The project is expected to cost approximately €590,000.  In Koilani work began on an environmental centre in 2018 and is expected to open its doors in February 2019.  The project cost approximately €496,000.

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