Cyprus from Air hike at ‘Loumata ton Aeton’ trail

Almyrolivado Picnic Site 09:30 19 January


Cyprus from Air will be hosting a challenging winter walk for experienced hikers along the ‘Loumata ton Aeton’ trail on January 19 at 09:30, promising great views and a one of a kind experience in the snow-capped Troodos Mountains.

The trail is one of the hardest and individuals wishing to go on the hike should be over 18-years-old and well-equipped with hiking shoes/boots and winter clothing.  Hikers should wear warm clothing that is not made of cotton or denim, due to the wet conditions.

The hike will begin at the Almyrolivado picnic site, which is two kilometres away from the Troodos camping area.

Hikers should bring water and a sandwich.

To take part in the hike, the group asks that guests respond to their Facebook event by clicking ‘Going’.


Venue Details

Almyrolivado Picnic Site

Pano Amiantos, Troodos, Limassol

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