Head to these 9 Spring Festivals

Spring is around the corner, and Cyprus has begun to bloom and welcome the season with a number of festivals, celebrating traditional produce and animals of the island.

Cyprus has a rich agricultural history, and fruits, vegetables, and animals are local favourites, but also a large part of the island’s society, with many villages paying homage to the their history through festivals that are fun for both locals and visitors, wishing to immerse themselves deeper into Cypriot culture.

Head out to these nine festivals for a fun and traditional Cypriot day out.


Third Herb and Donkey Festival – Skarinou, Larnaca

Every March, two of the island’s parks, Cyherbia Botanical Park and the Golden Donkeys Farm, join forces and hold a festival in the village of Skarinou, which features a large number of activities, for both adults and children.

This year it will be hosted on March 25.

Mandarin Festival – Dierona, Limassol

The village of Dierona organised the mandarin festival last year for the first time.  There were a large number of local products for sale and to sample for the guests.  This year the town is expected to organise the same festival celebrating the locally-grown fruit.  The program will include dances and songs, sale of traditional products, and sampling of Zivania made from mandarins.

The festival is expected to take place on March 17.


Sixth Fish Festival – Polis Chrysochou, Paphos

This festival is held in Polis Chrysochou, and the organisers offer fresh fish to visitors, and there is music and children’s play area.

Tulip Festival – Polemi, Paphos

In April, guests are welcome to spend a morning filled with tulips, traditional music, dance, poetry, and wine.  The village of Polemi hosts a tulip festival dedicated to the local variety of the flower that is grown in the area.  The festival is organised by the Friends of the Tulip organisation, whose goal is the protection of the flower.


13th Rose Festival – Agros, Limassol

In May, the town of Agros organises the rose festival, dedicated to the sweet scented Damascus roses cultivated in the area, which are used to produce a variety of products.  At the festival, visitors will be able to observe how many of the products are produced, after the roses are picked.  There is also an exhibit and music program at the festival.

Artichoke Festival – Kiti, Larnaca

This festival will be hosted for the second time in the village on May 14.  It takes place in the town’s central square, and the festival is dedicated to the product, which is locally produced there. Visitors will be able to enjoy food, drinks, music, and dance performances.

Anaviomata Festival – Dora, Limassol

In the village of Dora, the festival Anaviomata is organised every May.  Guests get the opportunity to enjoy and see how traditional products are made, how Zivania is distilled, and how halloumi is made.  There is live music, and a dance performance.  Guests will be able to bur and sample traditional products at the kiosks set up in the festival area.

May Donkeys Festival – Skarinou, Larnaca

May is usually the month that many donkeys are born, which is why in the Golden Donkeys Farm in the village of Skarinou organises a celebration.  During the festival, the staff introduce their donkeys to visitors and host a number of fun activities for guests to acquaint themselves further with their animals.

Bitter Orange Flower Festival – Episkopi, Limassol

The village of Episkopi outside Limassol hosts this festival, where guests can enjoy live music, and other activities for adults and children.

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