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The Archontiko of Axiothea


9, Axiotheas Street, Nicosia +357 22 894 532 +357 22 434 808


Take a trip through time, by visiting this mansion in the old town of Nicosia, built in the 18th century.

The Archontiko of Axiothea is a two-storey building in the shape of the Greek letter ‘Pi’.

The main entrance is located on the east side of the house, which leads to the inner courtyard. On the west and south side is a portico defined by a row of arches that separates the courtyard from the rooms that surround it. There are three big halls, two smaller rooms and two auxiliary rooms on the ground floor, with three more halls and two smaller rooms on the upper floor.

Today, the mansion serves as a centre for cultural activities, exhibitions and literary seminars for the University of Cyprus.

The Archontiko is open all year, but is closed on public holidays, and is mainly used to host a variety of events.  It is closed on all public holidays, and entrance is free.
Opening and closing times as well as entrance fees, are subject to alterations without notice. Visitors are advised to check before visiting.


Opening Hours

  • Monday 08:30 - 14:30
  • Tuesday 08:30 - 14:30
  • Wednesday 08:30 - 14:30
  • Thursday 15:00 - 18:00
  • Friday 08:30 - 14:30
  • Saturday Closed
  • Sunday Closed


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