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Tsangarides Winery

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Lemona, Paphos [email protected] +357 26 722777


Located in a sprawling vineyard in the village of Lemon in Paphos, the Tsangarides Winery is housed in a lovely Mediterranean stone building that stands along a hillside. This innovative winery is at the forefront of Cypriot viticulture, yet has strong roots deeply set in tradition.

Many years ago, the Tsangarides family’s great-grandfather planted and carefully cultivated his first vines on the hillsides of Lemona, which set the foundation for the current Tsangarides Winery. Passing into the hands of his great-grandchildren, Loukia and her brother Aggelos have been able to create a highly esteemed boutique winery in less than fifteen years. They proudly boast nine award-winning wines made from their own vineyard and other areas in the Paphos district’s wine country.  

Established in 2004, the Tsangarides Winery produces Cypriot varieties including Maratheftiko and Xynisteri as well as international varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz, along with single-brewed and blended wines. The vineyards at the Tsangarides Winery are the largest organic vineyards in the whole of Cyprus and are certified by the EU, as is their wine production.  

Currently, five of their wines are certified as organic, since they are made from grapes picked from environmentally friendly vines. Everything at the Tsangarides Winery is made with love and respect for the art of winemaking.

Product Range

  • Agios Efrem Red
  • Cabernet Sauvignon (Organic)
  • Tsangarides Mataro (Organic)
  • Tsangarides Shiraz Red
  • Tsangarides Shiraz Rosé (Organic)
  • Shiraz-Maratheftiko (Organic)
  • Tsangarides Chardonnay (Organic)
  • Tsangarides Xinisteri Dry
  • Tsangarides Xinisteri Medium Dry

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