10 quaint taverns serving Cypriot cuisine in Troodos

At the weekend, head up to the Troodos Mountains, which are currently a great choice for excursions. There, you will find 10 separate restaurants and taverns serving delicious Cypriot cuisine.

Sama, Spilia

In the picturesque village of Spilia in the Nicosia district, the traditional tavern Sama will take you through time, as it is housed in an authentic Cypriot home of the last century. In its well-kept area you will enjoy traditional meze, oven-baked and grilled dishes. (22 519559)

Louis, Prodromos

Two restaurants operate in the village, both located next to the roundabout in the centre. The Louis restaurant has great mountain views and a warm, friendly atmosphere. The restaurant is known for the souvla, the kleftiko and the delicious, homemade moussaka. It is open at noon and evening and on weekends. There, they also make homemade spoon sweets and have fresh fruit and the best apples for sale. (25 462049)

Giannakos, Fikardou

In one of the most picturesque villages of Cyprus, Fikardou, which makes you feel that time has stopped somewhere at the beginning of the last century, you will find the beautiful stone-built tavern of Giannakos. The tavern serves authentic Cypriot meze daily, while on Friday nights kleftiko is prepared. The shop is stone-built, two-storey, with external terraces upstairs and on the ground floor overlooking the tiled roofs of the village houses, while inside you will be find a cosy space, with a strong Cypriot character and a fireplace. (22 633311 – 99 689497)

Ais Giorkis, Kakopetria

Delicious meats, various types of grilled items, Cypriot souvlaki and sheftalia as well as meze with seasonal ingredients, mushrooms, and snails. One of the most famous shops of Kakopetria with guaranteed good food. Reservations are necessary for the weekend. (22 923600)

Neraida, Phoini

At this restaurant in the village of Phoini, you will enjoy delicious food in a pleasant and family environment. From a rich meze, to appetizers, salads, cold and hot dishes to the unique ttava, and trout. Of course, family-style restaurants always carry souvlaki (chicken / pork), souvla, and all the accompanying salads. (25 421680)

Palio Sinema, Kalopanayiotis

In one of the most beautiful villages of Cyprus, Kalopanayiotis, get ready to discover a restaurant that will offer you the most delicious dishes! From cold dishes to oven-baked and grilled foods… all in one! Try the makaronia tou fournou, which is made by Angie, the heart and soul of the shop, as well as the marinated chicken on the grill. (99 130275)

Symposio, Pelendri

An excursion to Pelendri, the village to the east of the Karvouna-Saitta valley, just 40 km from the city of Limassol, is all you need at this time! In addition to its rich cultural heritage, the village has a very traditional tavern. The “Symposio” will remind you of your grandmother’s house and will first greet you with rustic wine, before seating you at any table, where you can enjoy Cypriot dishes, with greens and fruits from the owners’ orchard, bread baked in a traditional oven and chicken from their farm! (99 404348)

Kyperia, Kyperounda

Here you will find well-cooked a la carte dishes from local and international cuisine as well as tasty Cypriot meze. A place reminiscent the last century in Cyprus, built with stone and wood. (95 532090-99 358167)

Eleni’s restaurant, Troodos

Climbing the hillsides of Troodos, shortly after the aviation camp on the right you will find the Troodos excursion site. There, for 30 years, Mrs Eleni from Kyperounda has maintained her own small restaurant, ‘Eleni’s Restaurant’, making homemade dishes just as your mother and grandmother would make on Sunday at your home. (99 349782)

Two Flowers, Pedoulas

Everybody has something to say about the delicacies made by Mrs Froso, as well as Mr George’s awesome souvla at Two Flowers restaurant in the beautiful Pedoulas. Every day, but also on Sundays, the ovens burn and the frying pans and baking sheets are filled with well-cooked meals, made with love and care. Always with the freshest ingredients that the surrounding area has to offer and following authentic, traditional recipes. (22 952372)

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