11 places to enjoy a night out in Kalopanayiotis

Check out these eleven places to enjoy a meal with friends or family in the quaint village of Kalopanayiotis.

The village is known for the monastery of Ayios Ioannis Lambadistis, one of the ten painted churches in Troodos declared and UNESCO World Heritage Site.  There are also sulphur enriched waters that run through the river, which are used in spa treatments at the village’s hotel/spa Casale Panayiotis.

The town is a great place to escape on the weekend, and these 11 places are sure to satisfy everyone.

Vyzantino (Casale Panayiotis)

If you are looking for a meze with a twist, then head to Vyzantino, one of the restaurants attached to the spa/hotel Casale Panayiotis.  If you want to try international flavours blended with traditional Cypriot cuisine, then head to Loutraki.

For more information call +357 22 952444.

To Palio Sinema

Angie, the owner and chef, will make sure to prepare her famous makaronia tou fournou, which are sure to impress.  But you should know that all her dishes from the appetizers to the mains are all delicious.

For more information call +357 99 130275.

Address: 40 Markou Drakou Street, Kalopanayiotis, Nicosia.

Markos’ Restaurant

Aside from the lush natural landscape, at Markos’ restaurant you will experience a great buffet, as well as, coffee and desserts.

For more information call +357 22 952634 or +357 99 619375.

Kentro Orkontas

This restaurant has been in the village since 1922, and it is just a short distance from Kalopanayiotis.  It serves traditional food, made from natural and locally-sourced ingredients.

For more information call +357 22 952425 or +357 99 421575.


For a nice relaxing time with coffee or a drink, head to this little stone-built café in the centre of Kalopanayiotis.  The shop is retro and, serves coffee and other drinks, all by a beautiful fireplace.

For more information call +357 99 789331.

Theoxenia Restaurant

This is a new arrival in Kalopanayiotis, and it is not just a restaurant, as it also offers five rooms for boarding.  The restaurant opens in the morning and serves coffee, cold and hot drinks, and snacks.  There are also lunch and dinner available later in the day.  The menu offers 14 a la carte options, and on Sundays there is souvla as well.  There is special care taken with dessert, which is prepared by the chefs in the restaurant.  They have fresh cheesecake, syrupy sweets, and loukoumades.

For more information call +357 22 952000.

Pantheon Snack Bar

Pantheon, which belongs to Casale Panayiotis, is known among locals and visitors alike.  They serve homemade burgers and salads, as well as, desserts.  It is on the main road through Kalopanayiotis and it has a great view of the valley below.

For more information call +357 22 952444.

Yero-Yiangos Café

It is located in the centre of the village, near the Kastalia hotel.  It functions as a café-restaurant and take-away.

For more information call +357 97 820340.

Andreas’ Kafeneio

It is located in the centre of the village near the agro-touristic retreat I Laouri.  They make souvlaki, and it functions as a restaurant, café, and take-away.

For more information call +357 22 952788 or +357 99 426839.


This place opened its doors in 1993, and it makes traditional food from fresh ingredients.

For more information call +357 22 991113 or +357 99 468684

Kastalia Hotel-Restaurant

This hotel has recently been renovated and the restaurant serves traditional Cypriot cuisine.

For more information call +357 22 952455 or +357 99 599658.

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