Cool Down With These Refreshing Local Beverages

It is very hot during the summer in Cyprus. And locals and guests are looking for the ultimate ways to cool down that won’t necessitate sitting in an air-conditioned room. One of the best ways to cool down is by drinking what the locals drink, so refresh yourself with these great options that offer you hydration and respite on the days the temperature hits 40 °C.

We have selected some of the best local beverages – loved by Cypriots – that are sure to cool you off in the summer heat.

Cypriot Lemonade/Orangeade/Bitter Orangeade

Lemonade, orangeade, and orangeade made from bitter oranges are three of the ultimate Cypriot drinks during the summer.

Traditionally, the squash was made from the fruits at home, and then mixed with water and ice cubes for a nice refreshing drink to greet guests. To make the squash, the fruits are first washed, zested, and then juiced. The zest is then put into a pot with sugar and water. The ingredients are mixed and boiled to make a simple syrup, to which the juice of the fruit is then added.

Locals still make the squash at home in Cyprus and always have a bottle of lemonade, orangeade or bitter orangeade on hand to drink and serve to guests on hot afternoons.

Lemon squash and orange squash can also be readily found at supermarkets, cafés, and restaurants across the island.

Milk with Rose Cordial

Milk with rose cordial is another summer favourite in Cyprus, especially for breakfast or a nice refreshing afternoon drink.

Rose cordial is traditionally made throughout the island by taking the fragrant petals of the flowers and simmering them in water and sugar.  The mixture is left to cool overnight and is then strained in the morning. Using red roses will give the syrup the characteristic deep pink colour.

Today, rose cordial is manufactured by many companies in Cyprus and is widely available at all supermarkets and stores.

Pick up a bottle and try mixing it with some milk or ice water for a refreshing drink on a hot summer evening.

Frappé/Freddo Cappuccino/Freddo Espresso  

Cypriots love coffee, and a frappé is a local favourite. The drink is a great refreshing morning beverage and can often be seen accompanying locals at the beach.

The recipe is pretty straightforward. In a tall glass, and add sugar to your liking. Add a splash of water, just enough to cover the coffee, and mix it with a standing mixer or a hand-held mixer until it forms a thick foam. Add a couple of ice cubes, water and milk depending on preference and your frappé is ready!

While Cyprus does not lay claim to freddo cappuccino or freddo espresso, they are sure favourite local summer drinks. Think of them as an iced espresso; in the case of the cappuccino version, whipped cream is added to the top of the coffee. They can both be ordered sweet or plain.

Brandy Sour/Beer

Adults will like the taste of the Brandy Sour, with its refreshing lemonade flavour, which is very popular among locals in the summer.

Popular throughout the world, the brandy sour cocktail has Cypriot origins – it is made from Cypriot brandy, which is milder than Cognac or Armagnac, along with fresh lemons, Angostura bitters, soda water (or lemonade) and ice.

The Cypriot-style brandy sour was developed following the creation of the first blended brandy made in Cyprus, in the early 1930s – the credit for which belongs to the Hadjipavlou family. The cocktail was further developed at the Forest Park Hotel, one of the oldest hotels in the Troodos Mountains, in the hill resort of Platres.

Cyprus is also home to a few local beers, which are summer favourites. You will find many locals enjoying a local beer while they relax by the beach or in a café on a hot afternoon. Keo and Leon are brewed locally, while another favourite that is available almost everywhere is Carlsberg.

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