Explore these 4 villages in November

The last autumn month of the year, November, is already here and we have many surprises, and opportunities for escapes all over Cyprus.

Also, we have many beautiful festivals in the Cypriot countryside that honour and celebrate Cypriot products.

So all this becomes a great occasion for a hike and a trip to the village to experience traditional festivals and to come back to nature.

Check In Cyprus offers 4 different excursions to 4 beautiful villages of Cyprus on the occasion of their traditional festivals. Find out all the details about the festivals, where to eat, where to stay and all you can do in the village.


Zivania Festival 2019

Saturday 9th & 10th November

Set against the backdrop of tall peaks and a lush valley burgeoning below, the village of Pelendri in the Limassol district is a great place to escape for the weekend.  Located 880 metres above sea level, the village is on the western edge of the Pitsilia region – known for its viticulture.

If you like to explore old churches and learn about their history or if you are into art, then you should head to the Panayia Katholiki church in the village.  The church was built in the 17th century and there is an ecclesiastical museum attached to it.  Pelendri is also home to the 12th century church of Timios Stavros, which is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Visitors looking to explore the flora and fauna of the Troodos Mountains, or just take in the beauty of nature, will want to head to the Pelendri visitor’s area.  There, you can explore all the various trails that lead from the area and take in the surroundings.

For your weekend escape you will want to rest in one of the great locations available in Pelendri.  You might want to try the PEO apartments that are for rent.  The apartments are one bedroom escapes and are available all year round.  During the summer high season apartments books quickly and are available first to members of the PEO union.  To learn more you can call (+357 25 443000).

If you are looking to spend time in an agrotourism escape then book at one of the locations available from N. Vasiliou.  The number is (+357 99 404348).  N. Vasiliou has two home available for rent.  One has one bedroom and the other has two.

Pelendri is great for people looking to get a taste of Cyprus, with many traditional taverns featuring local delicacies.  You will want to book a table a ‘Symposio’ tavern (+357 99 404348) for Cypriot meze, locally-sourced meat, and fresh bread.  There is also the ‘Poulendri’ tavern (+357 25 552652) which is under new ownerships and offers great meze on Saturdays and a buffet on Sundays.  You can also give a try to the tavern Anamniseis for traditional cuisine.  For snacks and coffee head to the Phelandrio Café-Bar.


Pythoigia 2019

Sunday, November 10th

You will find the village near the west bank of the Kryo River (tributary of Kouris), at an altitude of 820 meters and 36 kilometres northwest of Limassol. To get there you have to take the Erimi exit and go up to Krasohoria, passing through Pano Kyvides and Vouni.

Leaving from the Church of Christ with its priceless relics, do not fail to go down to the Wine Museum. This museum, housed in a beautiful old building, displays tools related to planting and growing the vine, as well as others used for the processing of grapes and the preparation of various products, and there you can also see a faithful representation of an old Cypriot house. The main church of Koilani, located in the centre of the village, is dedicated to Panayia Eleousa, and there is also the Ecclesiastical Museum with 13th-century icons as well as 18th-century icons that are mainly associated with the Athenian workshop! The third church of the village, located 3 kilometres away (halfway to Pera Pedi) and built in the idyllic valley of the Kryo River, is dedicated to Ayia Mavri. Take a stop under the natural shade formed by the spectacular oak tree and if you are lucky you can also enjoy the small waterfalls created by the rain on the slope across the hill.

A trip to Koilani must definitely end with a visit to one or more of the famous wineries of the village. Specifically, there are the wineries of Ayia Mavri (25470225), Vlasides (25471482, 99441574), Vardalis (25470261) and Kostas Erimoudis (25334305).

In Koilani you will find very good taverns. The first, ‘Ayia Mavri’ (25470542) is opposite the chapel and is open Saturday and Sunday at noon. The other tavern is ‘The Three Pines’ (25470046). You can also sit down at ‘Corineon’ (99608196), ‘Xenios K. Rotis’ (96512775) and ‘Cultural Centre’ (25470542) for ready-made dishes and grill items, which are open on Sundays, and there is also the snack bar ‘Skoulias’ (25470107) in the park.

For accommodation, you will go to the agrotouristic and fully-equipped Mavrikios Village Apartments (25565763, 99642763), available for rent for €60- €65 (for two people per night). There is of course the choice of Koilani Gardens (99604004) with 9 studio apartments, all with kitchenette (one of them even has a fireplace).


Zivania Festival

Sunday, November 17th

Pedoulas is a popular summer resort with a fascinating past. You will find it on the northern slopes of the Troodos Mountains at an altitude of 1100 meters. The village is surrounded by pine forests, rich springs of natural water and cherry trees. The name of the village derives from the word ‘sandal’ because the village had a large quantity of leather and many craftsmen who made shoes and sandals according to tradition.

Take a stroll through the rich historical village, see the Church of Archangel Michael. The lumber-steeple church is the most important attraction in the community and is located northeast of the Church of the Holy Cross, opposite the Byzantine Museum. The church is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Visit the Holy Cross Church. This is the central church of the community. It is built on a plateau and dominates the village with its high proportions and two bell towers. It belongs to the cruciform type of church. It began to be built in 1933 and was completed in 1935.

In Pedoula you can visit the Pedoula Folklore Museum, located in the centre of the village in a restored house (open Tuesday-Sunday 9.30-16.00). Very close to the Folklore Museum is the Byzantine Museum of Pedoulas (open Tuesday-Sunday 10.00-16.00).

Make a quad bike safari at Quad Biking (96335210, 99049621, 99740450).

If you want to stay in the village, then look for the stone built hotel Aristotelio (22953334, from €120 with breakfast) that will accommodate you in a wonderful area with unique décor.

For dinner go to the well-known restaurant Platanos (22952518), where you will enjoy delicious food or Two Flowers (22952372) for fragrant lamb souvla (€14).


Open Doors at the wineries

Sunday, November 10th

At the centre of the village stands the Monastery of the Holy Cross, one of the oldest and most historic monasteries on the island. According to tradition, when Saint Helen visited the island, she left in the monastery a piece of the Holy Rope and the Holy Wood, Christ was bound to by the Romans.

Also worth visiting are the museums that are housed in the monastery, such as the Agonos Museum, the Museum of Byzantine Icons, the Icon Museum, the Folklore Museum, the Lace Rescue Centre and more. Before leaving, light a candle in the chapel of Saints Constantine and Helen. A little further there is the Chapel of Ayia Paraskevi.

Walking through the cobbled streets of the square and the surrounding streets you will discover small shops with various souvenirs, traditional folk art products, as well as premium quality handmade jewellery, embroidery, and lace. You will also find workshops that make glass creations and Byzantine icons. Also, buy herbs and spices from the John’s Herbal Shop and other local delicacies, such as soutzouko.

With a tradition in wine production, Omodos has excellent wineries to visit for wine tours and tastings. Some of them are Zen Winery (99 492979), Olympus Winery (25 573391), Linos Winery (25 422700), Marion Winery (99 556630), Gerolemos Estate (25 422122) and Brand New Ktima Vasiliades (25 446000). And when you get hungry, choose among the traditional taverns of the village.

In the square you will enjoy your souvlaki at Kamara (99 772371) and Themelio (99 459306). Going through the picturesque streets of the village you will find the famous tavern Kyr Yiannis (70 000100), with imaginative dishes, Katoi (25 423033), Themistocles tavern (25 422649), Makrinari (25 422151) and Mavres Chines (99 342826) where you can enjoy your meal with live music. Just outside the village you will find the restaurant Ampelothea (25 421366) with authentic Cypriot and international cuisine.

For your overnight stay, there are many restored, traditional accommodations, offering you a unique experience in the village. Among them are Stou Kir Yianni Guest Houses (70 000100), Omodos Katoi Holiday Homes (99 385319) and Omodos Village Houses (99 749065).

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