9 ways to enjoy some time in Kakopetria on the weekend

Kakopetria is undoubtedly the most famous village in Cyprus offering many options for dining, coffee, accommodation and other activities. The cosmopolitan Kakopetria is bustling daily and is located in the southwest of Nicosia. It is built at the foot of the Troodos Mountains, on the north side of the mountain range, in the Solea Valley at an altitude of 667 metres.

It is one of the most famous villages in rural Cyprus to visit throughout the year.

Fun at Marina’s Adventure Park

A new adventure park has been operating quite recently in the Kakopetria community. Marina’s Adventure Park is set in a lush environment and promises moments that will lift you up and make you have so much fun you will burst. In this park, young and old can come closer to the natural environment, breathe fresh air and test their limits and forces on various routes on ropes with obstacles of 1 metre (Child Section), 3 metres (Level 1) and 7 metres (Level 2). Everything at Marina’s Adventure Park will provide you with unparalleled safe fun times as long as all the rules are respected. All those who take part in the trips are equipped with the most secure climbing equipment during their stay in the games.

(99 998420) 43 Agiou Nikolaos, Kakopetria. Mon-Sun 10.00-20.00.

Take pictures by the ‘Couple’s Rock’

As you enter the most picturesque part of the area, Old Kakopetria, on the uphill you will notice a huge stone rising, known as the ‘Couple’s Rock’. According to tradition there are many versions about the name of the stone, some of which are enjoyable – such as the custom of the newly married couple to sit on the stone in order to secure their marriage – and others again not so much. The most popular legend says that this stone once fell from the mountain and engulfed a newly married couple. Indeed, it is estimated that the village owes its name to this unpleasant event.

The Watermills of Kakopetria

Head to the watermills – one of the first man-made machines – to discover the cultural and historical side of the village. You will be impressed by the large wooden building in the area, in which the inhabitants of the village ground the grains with the help of millstones they produced flour. One of the two watermills of Kakopetria – the Corner Mill – has been restored, giving you the opportunity to observe their operation and usefulness thousands of years ago. Unfortunately, Hadjistavrinou’s second watermill has been demolished.

Enjoy the Klarios River

In the forest that surrounds the old town of Kakopetria, you will see one of the most beautiful views you can find in the village. The Klarios River, which originates from the slopes of the Troodos peak, creates an impressive backdrop to the area. Its sound will amaze you. It will calm you down and relax you. This beautiful landscape is complemented by the tributaries of Karkotis and Garillis. A stroll around the area will surely be unforgettable.

Hike the ‘Kannoures’ Trail

They say that the best way to get to know a place is to walk it. If you are also an adventure lover, even better! The trail starts at the source of the river Karkotis and the hiking time to Kakopetria is estimated at about 4 hours. What you will see? The natural wealth, and the variety of flora and fauna of the village and the surrounding area will surprise and impress you. An incredible experience!

Explore the church of Ayios Nikolaos tis Stegis

Agios Nikolaos tis Stegis, near Kakopetria, is the only remnant of an old monastery. As the church shows, the monastery was founded in the 11th century. The church is located in a beautiful spot in nature, where you can enjoy the tranquility of the landscape. UNESCO has included the church on the World Heritage List, because of its special value.

Staying in the village

In the centre of the village stands the elegant hotel Crystal (22 922433). You will be amazed by the special decoration of the space and its 26 rooms, all decorated with neoclassical furniture. In fact, if you are lucky, you might be able to book one of the rooms equipped with a hot tub. Overlooking the mountain you will have breakfast from the lush buffet of the “Forest” restaurant and in the evenings you can enjoy individual cocktails at the hotel’s “Sky” bar.

Very close to the village square you will find the modern Platinum suites (22 813999). The hotel has five large, fully-equipped modern suites that will make you feel at home.

Of course, our choice of accommodation must include the traditional houses that fully represent Cypriot tradition. At the warm Maritsa Lodge (22 754727), overlooking the Troodos Mountains, you will enjoy moments of relaxation and peace by the fireplace.

Surrounded by dense vegetation, between the tributaries of Karkotis and Garillis, you will find the “dreamy” apartments – as their name implies – “Enipion” (22 924500) suitable for family outings.


Ekali, 22922501 / www.ekali-hotel.com

Hellas, 22922450 / www.hellashotel.com.cy

The Mill Hotel, 22922436 / [email protected]

Minaidis, 22922421 / www.minaideshotel.com

To Maritsas House, 22764998

Access, 22924500 / www.enipnion.com.cy

Linos Inn, 22423161 / www.linos.in.com.cy


As the well-known Greek proverb says “the fasting bear, does not dance”. So we found and recommend taverns and restaurants that will satisfy your hunger with their delicious Cypriot meze and Sunday souvla. Among other things you will enjoy tasty halloumi, sausage, pasturma, souvlaki, sheftalia, mushrooms and various other delicacies that will accompany your Cypriot wine or zivania perfectly.

Some of them are:

Linos (22923161)

Chrysanthis (22922202)

Myloi (22922536)

Potsi Poda (99102810)

Ais Yorkis (22923600)

Riviera Restaurant (22922213/99012370)

Droseri Potamia (22922439)

Stou Zoppi (99782031)

Zumos (22922154)

Sama (Spilia) (22519559)

Discover the Solea Valley

Kakopetria is one of the 12 villages located in the Solea Valley that have a characteristic architecture and beautiful natural environment. A new museum recently opened its doors to the public, the Railway Museum in Evrychou. The museum is housed at the old Evrychou Train Station. There you will learn a lot about the history of the Cypriot railway, through objects of the time, documents and photos (open daily from 9.30-17.00). The area is known for its local pastries, spoon sweets and fresh trout, which you can try in the local restaurants.


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