Get a great meze at these 10 hidden gems

There are many well-known taverns that serve great meze, but these ten hidden gems are sure to be a great choice for a night out with friends and family.


You will find this tavern in an old two-storey home, which has been converted into a great dining space with a garden.

The meze: Here you will find a great two great options for meze: the small (€15, with 16 small dishes) and the large (€22, with 21 dishes).  For appetizers you will be able to sample dishes that are sure to satisfy everyone, including kolokithokeftedes (a vegetarian option to the traditional kefte made with squash), marinated chicken, eggs with seasonal vegetables, and pork.

Tip: Due to the small seating area, it is best to make a reservation.

For more information call +357 99 120010.  Open Thursday-Saturday 19:00-23:00 and Sunday 12:00-15:00.  From Monday to Wednesday the restaurant is open only by reservation.

Address: Main square in Pera Oreinis village, Nicosia district.

I Kardia tou Manga

This is a tavern-café, with an Athenian air, which is in love with traditional Greek music and a good meze. 

The meze: The restaurant serves a Cypriot meze with 22 dishes (€18), a meze with ouzo (€12) and a dish of the day.

Tip: In the winter, you will be able to enjoy the music of the group Laiki Tetraktys, the group I Kardia tou Manga, and the group LefkOdeia.

For more information call +357 99 824238 or +357 97 892848.

Address: 7 Trikomou Street, Palouriotissa, Nicosia.

To Gouriotiko

This is a new arrival in the village of Gourri, which serves traditional Cypriot cuisine with a twist from chef Michalis Louka.

The meze: Here you can enjoy meze with 13 hot dishes and 5 cold for €16.  The atmosphere is warm and hospitable.

For more information call +357 22 633789 or +357 96 664919.  Open Tuesday-Friday 18:00-23:00 and Saturday-Sunday 10:00-12:00 (for breakfast and 12:30-22:30 (for lunch and dinner).

Address: 40 Grigoris Afxentiou Street, Gourri, Nicosia.

To Stenorymi

You will find this tavern in the main square in the old section of Aglandjia.  It is simply designed, and has a welcoming atmosphere.

The meze: Everything it serves in its meze (€15) is delicious and satisfying.  They serve all the traditional favourites including liver, wine-marinated ribs, pasta, and souvlaki.

Tip: On Fridays and Saturdays there is live music.

For more information call +357 22 876543.  Open Monday-Saturday 18:00-23:00.

Address: 3 Kyriakou Karaoli Street, Aglandjia, Nicosia.

Melis’ Tavernaki

This is a traditional tavern and it is a great place to enjoy delicious dishes that are prepared by the chefs.

The meze: With €18 you can enjoy good-quality meat, including their souvlaki, and their sheftalies, liver, and lamb cooked in the oven.

For more information call +357 25 635253 or +357 99 516449.  Open Tuesday-Saturday 18:00-23:00 and Sundays 12:00-23:00 (On public holidays it is open in the afternoon).

Address: 1 Chris. Papayianni Street, Parekklisia, Limassol.

Folia tou Drakou

This tavern blends Cypriots and Greek cuisine, all in a welcoming atmosphere.  There is a small veranda for a nice meal outside in good weather.

The meze: There are many dishes, and they are all well-made (€16 a person).  Every Saturday the restaurant serves kleftiko with its meze.

For more information call +357 99 820641 or +357 99 265292.  Open Tuesday-Saturday 19:00-00:00 and Sundays 10:00-17:00.

Address: Pentakomo Village, Limassol.


In the village of Asgata, you will find this tavern, which focuses on Cypriot cuisine, in combination with dishes and tastes of Venezuela.

The meze: Authentic halloumi, wine-soaked smoked sausages, lountza and bacon from their own livestock.

For more information call +357 99 440860.  Open Tuesday-Friday 19:00-23:00 and Saturday-Sunday 12:00-23:00.

Address: 15 Georgios Katsaris Street, Asgata, Limassol.

Synergatiko Taverneio tou Agroti

This is a small tavern, without a steady menu (check their Facebook page), and without opening times, as they only take reservations.  This the Agrotis Taverneio.

The meze: They offer Cypriot meze, kleftiko, and other grill items.  The menu is changed based on the season.

For more information call +357 99 680145.

Address: 146 Tefkrou Anthia, Tseri industrial area, Nicosia.

To Steki tou Paikti

Cosy and relaxed, this tavern is sure to win you over with its food.

The meze: The food is all prepared by chef and owner Panikos, and focuses on quality.  Everything is cooked over charcoal and the meze is only €12 per person.

For more information call +357 96 747111.  Open Monday-Saturday 19:00-23:00.

Address: Melina Merkouri Street, Lakatamia, Nicosia.

To Koutouki tou Paggeri

This is another relaxed space, where the kitchen stays open as long as the restaurant is open.

The meze: Here any dish that arrives at your table is freshly prepared, and made with fresh ingredients.  Order the meze (€20) with halloumi, sausage, deli meats, liver with eggs, souvlaki, sheftalia, chicken and other dishes.

Tip: On Fridays and Saturdays they play live music.

For more information call +357 99 425971.  Open Monday-Sunday 17:00-until late.

Address: 11 April 1st Street, Sotira, Famagusta.

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