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Cycling in Cyprus

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Cyprus is an all-year destination with the perfect weather conditions for cycling enthusiasts. Cyclists love the island’s rugged character, which can go from rocky to clay and steep to flat, all within the space of 10 km. And while you will enjoy the feel of the balmy Mediterranean breeze through your hair, unlike other destinations, the island lacks strong headwinds, making it the ideal setting for exploration by bike!

The most popular season for cycling is spring, which also welcomes high-calibre cycling events including The Sunshine Cup and The Volkswagen Tour. The Cyprus Cycling Federation —a member of the International Cycling Union (UCI)—is the organiser or supporter of major events and other competitions throughout the year. While each town has its own dedicated cycling groups, they always welcome visitors on their weekly rides. New networks of urban cycle paths are continually added, joining the designated cycle routes for each region. All you need to do is grab a map or complimentary cycling publication and get pedalling!

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