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Commandaria Museum: Discover Cyprus’ Dessert Wine

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12, Cooperative Wine Making Corporation Zoopigi Ltd, Commandaria St., Zoopigi 4565, Troodos +357 99656288


Calling all wine and culture lovers alike, trying the local dessert wine of Cyprus that’s world-famous, commandaria, is a must experience when visiting Cyprus. Getting to know how its made and learning more about the local wine culture is another.

The Commandaria Historic Museum,  inspired by the Zoopigi Commandaria Winery which was founded in 1940, is situated in the Zoopigi Village in the Limassol District and can be a relaxing expedition discovering Cypriot villages.

Housed in a modern building, the museum was developed by the Cooperative Commandaria Wine Making of the community, and is right next to the winery. The building is the work of Cypriot architect Yiannis Armeftis and Associates, and is considered a stellar example of contemporary public architecture in Cyprus.

The showroom features the history of this ‘wine of kings’ detailed through photography, traditional wine-making paraphernalia, paintings and visual media. The exhibits inhabit four galleries that are organised chronologically.

The village is part of the Commandaria Villages of Limassol and homes olive and almond trees along with numerous vineyards, justifying the meaning of its name which means ‘life-giving spring’.

Opening Hours

  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday 09:00-17:00
  • Wednesday 09:00-17:00
  • Thursday 09:00-17:00
  • Friday 09:00-17:00
  • Saturday 09:00-17:00
  • Sunday 09:00-17:00


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