Food, coffee, and rest in the villages of Pitsilia

The Pitsilia region of Troodos is located to the east of Mount Olympos, the highest peak in the range, and is made up of approximately 30 villages.  The tallest mountains in the region are Madari (1,612m) and Papoutsa (1,554m), and the region borders with the national forest park in Machairas.

The quaint villages retain their traditional charm; built on the mountainside among vineyards and orchards.

The region is developing, and has blended tradition with modernity.  All that’s left is to stroll through the charming colourful streets of the towns, explore their Byzantine churches, and experience the welcoming hospitality of the people living in the towns.

To start exploring the region, we decided to begin from the village of Agros, move onto Potamitissa, Pelendri, Dymes, and finally end in Kyperounda at 1,140m.

Where to eat & where to stay


Kyperounda is largest rural village in Cyprus, and it is well known throughout the island for the many things it offers.  Here, you can stay at the Livadeia hotel (+357 25 532929, from €57/night) which has a restaurant that serves Cypriot cuisine.  For coffee, you will want to head to the town’s main square, where you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon.


Kyperounda is very close to the small village of Potamitissa, where you can reserve a room at Ambeliko (+357 25 522211, from €60/night), which offers a Cypriot breakfast along with a stay.  In the evening, you can enjoy dinner at the small tavern of the inn, which serves traditional Cypriot meze.


Agros has many things to offer.  Natural beauty, hotels, inns, restaurants, and it is well-known for its traditional products, including cured meats, spoon sweets, and all the products made from Damascus roses.  If you choose to stay in Agros, make sure to reserve in advance and the renovated Rodon hotel (+357 25 521201, from €65/night).  The village is also home to Agrospito (+357 99 470622, €55/night).  There is also the Spiti tou Pramateuti (+357 99 102642). There are also a number of restaurants in the village, where you can enjoy traditional cuisine including Sto Linari (+357 25 522215), To Pezema (+357 99 551381), Pantheon (+357 25 521889), and Koilada (+357 25 521303).


Finally, heading down from Agros, you will find the village of Pelendri.  It is one of the larger villages in the area, and stands on the western part of the Pitsilia region.  Here you can enjoy a meal at the traditional tavern Symposio (+357 99 404348).

What to do & see

In the Pitsilia region, there are many nature trails.  The following two are the most well-known : Tishia tis Madaris (approximately 3km long and starting at the Fire Station in Madari), and the second also starts in the same area and is called Doxa O Theos.  It is approximately 3.8km long.

In Agros, you can visit the Frangoulides Museum (+357 25 522144), which has works by one of the most important Cypriot painters.  You can also visit the church of the Virgin Mary (Panayia Eleousas), which houses artefacts from the monastery that once stood in the village.

Heading to Pelendri, you can visit the church of Timios Stavros, which is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and has stood in the same place since the 12th century.

In Kyperounda, you can visit the Adventure Mountain Park (+357 97 772177 & 99 674126 or at where you can enjoy many activities on the mountain.

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