Getting Around

In Cyprus you will realise that people mostly move around in cars. Tourists also prefer to rent a car when visiting Cyprus, but there are also a number of bus and taxi services that cater to visitors looking to get around.

There are four types of bus service in Cyprus:

Airport Transfer Buses: linking all the towns to the island’s two airports of Larnaca and Paphos.

-Inter-urban buses: linking all major towns on a daily basis, and with frequent routes.

– Urban buses: linking different areas within the towns and operating frequently during daytime. In certain tourist areas, during the summer period, their routes are extended till late in the evening.

-Rural buses: linking almost all villages with the nearest town, but with limited frequency.

Taxis: There are three types of taxi services available, covering the entire island:

-Interurban: a shared service that provides a daily connection between all major towns of the island. This service offers the opportunity to share a taxi with 4 – 8 other passengers to make the journey more cost effective for the customer. One-way fares range from €8,50 – €14,20 depending on the route, and whether passengers have luggage.

-Urban: operating within the major towns. This is a 24-hour service provided in all towns. Taxis can be booked by phone, or hired directly from the street, and are equipped with taximeters – the use of which is obligatory.


Reaching any city or district in Cyprus is now easier than ever with the frequent and friendly services provided by Intercity Buses.

Founded in 2009, the company connects all of the island’s major cities, including Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, and Paralimni/Ayia Napa.

Soon after it was formed, Intercity Buses signed a concession contract for inland bus services with the contracting authority, namely, the Department of Road Transport.

Fares vary depending on the distance of the route, but the service is friendly and the buses are comfortable and well air-conditioned.

To view the timetables for the summer as well as the fares, you can visit their website here.


Travel & Express is a taxi service that provides direct connections to all locations at budget-friendly rates for visitors in Cyprus.

To book online, travellers must ensure that they reserve a taxi forty-eight hours before pick-up. Alternatively, they can call any of the offices in the Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol, Paphos, and Paralimni areas. Fares can also be viewed on the company’s website by selecting your departure and arrival destination.

Founded in 1999, the company offers shared intercity and airport taxis along with private cabs.

The company is the only licensed intercity taxi transport provider in Cyprus, offering safe, pleasant and affordable transport within the island with the use of its self-owned vehicles. The maintenance of the company’s fleet is in compliance with all the requirements specified by the relevant regulations.

To plan a journey, travellers should view the company’s website.


Looking to quickly travel from any of Cyprus’ airports to your destination, without breaking the bank? Kapnos Airport Shuttle offers affordable round-the-clock services between the Larnaca and Paphos airports and Nicosia.

Since 1992, Kapnos and Sons Transport Co Ltd have been operating buses, mini buses and coaches throughout Cyprus. Today the company has expanded and is one of the biggest transportation companies in Cyprus.


The service costs 8 euros per person from Larnaca Airport to Nicosia and 15 euros per person from Paphos Airport to Nicosia and Larnaca.

How to use Kapnos Shuttles

To use the service, you can grab a bus directly from Larnaca or Paphos Airports. There is also an all-day taxi service available at the Nicosia stop to take you to any other destination you may need to travel to.

The Nicosia stop is located on Kyrenias Avenue behind the Melconian Institute, opposite the headquarters of the Cyprus Police.

To reserve seats, you can book online at


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