5 National Parks around Cyprus to Get Your Nature Fix

Apart from the sun-kissed beaches that surround the island, unspoiled nature and wildlife are the other important components that make up the island’s natural beauty. Nature lovers will want to put on their walking shoes, grab a bottle of water and discover Cyprus’ National Forest Parks, ideal for hiking, picnics and in some cases camping.


Akamas Peninsula National Park

Head to the Akamas Peninsula in the Paphos district that is home to about 230 km² of wild land, most of which has remained untouched by urban development. It is the last remaining region of unspoiled nature, a fact that demands great protection and respect from both the authorities and visitors. With over 530 indigenous plants and endemic animals around the area, there’s lots to explore by undertaking one of the many nature trails. Alternatively, thrill-seekers can discover an exciting area perfect for a 4 x 4 drive as well as a variety of dirt roads that lead to spectacular views offered within the National Park. Stick around for the sunset as the region of Paphos offers the most breath-taking sunsets of the island. Read more about the Akamas Peninsula here.

One of the many stunning viewpoints of the Akamas Peninsula | Photo by Agis Agisilaou


Polemidia National Forest Park

Situated on a hill in the suburbs of Limassol, Polemidia Park offers great views of the city and a large spread of rich plantation of pine, cypress, eucalyptus, olive and carob trees. Cool down amongst the vegetation and grab a coffee or a snack at the park’s canteen.  You’ll also find picnic tables under trees and wooden kiosks which create a carefree and exciting playground for children and a perfect spot to hang out with friends. For walkers and those wishing to experience a bit of the magnificent nature, the park offers a circular walking path right next to an asphalt cycling lane. The park occasionally hosts events and wedding parties as the church of Panayia Glikiotissa is near it.

polemidia national park

A shady spot to enjoy a bite or to relax | Photo by Eleni Philippou


National Forest Park of the Pedagogical Academy

This National Forest Park is a large green park in Nicosia that offers a picnic area, walking paths, cycling routes, a canteen and a playground. Extending over 45 hectares, it’s a beautiful park for all, be it families or those seeking to clear their heads among trees or catch up with friends. Only two kilometres away from the city centre, it’s an ideal place to visit if you’re craving some nature time without having to leave the city.


academy park nicosia

Enjoy a coffee at the park’s cafe, nestled among tall trees


Troodos National Forest Park

Certainly the largest National Park of the island, Troodos National Forest Park extends over 9000 hectares and aims to safeguard its nature and preserve its values. The forest park offers a variety of facilities including nine picnic sites with wooden tables, car parks, a playground, toilets and drinking water. There are three camping spots, two of which cater to short stays; one at Kampi tou Kalogyrou and the other at Platania. For longer stays, head 500 metres east of the Troodos square, just off the main road. Camping or not, everyone is free to go on the 10 walking trails of the area that cover a total of 57.6km and are a great opportunity to spot some of Cyprus’ endemic animals and plant species.

The playground at Troodos square | Photo by Christos Papacostas


Cape Greko National Forest Park

If you’re looking to explore the coastal landscape of the island, the Cavo Greko National Forest Park is a great place to do so. The park is made up of a bicycle track, a network of walking trails with a total length of 16 kilometres and natural landmarks such as the sea caves and the charming Chapel of Ayioi Anargyroi where many weddings take place. The waters are clear blue here so take the stairs and go down for a dip, while more adventurous swimmers can jump off the cliff. The park is ideal for a long walk or a bike ride with the Mediterranean Sea as a backdrop.

A walking path of the park along the coast

Note: These parks cover large areas and amenities are limited.

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